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Sailing Humor

18 Reasons Sailing is (almost) Better Than Sex

18. You don't have to sneak your sailing magazines into the house.

17. If you are having trouble with sailing, it is perfectly acceptable to pay a professional to show you how to improve your technique.

16. The Ten Commandments do not say anything about sailing.

15. If your partner takes pictures or videotapes of you sailing, you don't have to worry about them showing up on the Internet.

14. Your sailing partner won't keep asking questions about other partners you've sailed with.

13. It's perfectly respectable to sail with a total stranger.

12. When you see a really good sailor, you don't have to feel guilty about imagining the two of you sailing together.

11. If your regular sailing partner is not available, they will not object if you go sailing with someone else.

10. When dealing with a sailing pro, you never have to wonder if they are really an undercover cop.

9. Nobody will ever tell you that you can go blind if you sail by yourself.

8. You do not have to go to a sleazy shop in a seedy n