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Seamanship and Navigation

Medical Readiness for Your Vessel

Secure Storage: Will anything fly if you suffer a knockdown?
Do you have a preventer? If not, can you perform neurosurgery underway?
Secure harnesses and jacklines
A comprehensive medical locker
Communication Link: Primary and secondary

Vessel Readiness: Medical Locker

Bandages, Splints, Duct Tape, Betadine, OTC meds
Prescription and Controlled Meds
Surgical Equipment
Dental Kit
Reference Book – The Onboard Medical Handbook: Paul R. Gill, Jr., MD
Crew Medical Records
A Preventer

Vessel Readiness: Medical Locker

Essential prescription meds:

  1. Cipro, tetracycline, Flagyl,
  2. Lomotil,
  3. Phenergan suppositories and Transderm Scop
  4. Sublingual nitroglycerin spray, aspirin
  5. Narcotic pain reliever: Vicodin, Dilaudid, supp.
  6. ANAKIT, Benadryl, and prednisone,
  7. Diflucan tabs and Clotrimazole crème

Betadine: The antibacterial equivalent of duct tape

Surgical tools: Use what you know